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Glass Coffee Canister Set with Shelf & Spoon 2 Piece Coffee Containers for Ground Coffee Coffee Bean Storage Airtight Seal, Coffee Bar Accessories Coffee Filter Holder for Kitchen Organization

Glass Coffee Canister Set with Shelf & Spoon 2 Piece Coffee Containers for Ground Coffee Coffee Bean Storage Airtight Seal, Coffee Bar Accessories Coffee Filter Holder for Kitchen Organization

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  • 🌟【Deluxe Borosilicate Glass Canisters】: Our coffee canister set includes two durable, heat-resistant, and shatterproof Coffee glass canisters, ideal for safe, reliable, and aesthetic storage of ground coffee, coffee beans, tea, sugar, nuts, and more kitchen staples.
  • 🔐【Exceptional Airtight Seal with Locking Clamp】: Thanks to the innovative iron locking clamp and resilient silicone seal, your coffee remains fresh and full of flavor in our coffee container for longer periods. This airtight mechanism provides an excellent defense against moisture, air, and pests, keeping your kitchen staples at their best.
  • 🌳【Eco-friendly Wood Shelf】: The coffee storage set includes a sturdy, stylish wooden shelf designed to hold both canisters and the accompanying wooden spoon. Made from eco-friendly wood, it not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor but also underscores our commitment to sustainable practices.
  • ☕【Charming Coffee Logo & Design】: A unique coffee logo is emblazoned on the front of the coffee jar, introducing a blend of style and utility to your kitchen. It helps keep your coffee essentials organized and within easy reach, enhancing your kitchen's overall aesthetic.
  • 🎁【Extra Features】: Our coffee storage set includes a coffee filter holder on the right side of the shelf and a wooden-handled iron spoon for added convenience. These features enhance your kitchen organization and efficiency, providing you with a streamlined culinary experience.
  • 📏【Generous Storage】: Each glass coffee canister in the set offers ample space for storing coffee beans, ground coffee, tea, sugar, and other kitchen essentials. Despite the generous capacity, the compact design ensures it fits perfectly on your kitchen counter.
  • 🥄【Included Coffee Spoon】: No need to search for a spoon every morning. Our coffee container for ground coffee comes with a handy wooden-handled iron spoon, ensuring precise measurements and a consistent taste every time.
  • 🧹【Easy to Clean】: Our airtight coffee container is designed for easy cleaning. The smooth interior surface prevents coffee grounds from sticking, ensuring you always have a fresh and clean container for your coffee.
  • 🔄【Reusable & Sustainable】: Our coffee bean container is not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Reuse it time and time again for sustainable living. It's an environmentally friendly choice for storing your coffee.
  • 💡【Enhanced Kitchen Efficiency】: Our 2-piece glass coffee canister set goes beyond storage and includes a wooden-handled iron spoon and a coffee filter holder. This convenient combination enhances your kitchen efficiency, making it easy to measure coffee, brew your favorite cup, and keep your coffee essentials neatly organized.

Product Description

EQEY Coffee containerEQEY Coffee container

EQEY: Your go-to brand for refined coffee storage

Glass Coffee Jar SetGlass Coffee Jar Set

EQEY's Coffee Canister Set: Your Coffee Station's Essential Companion!

Elevate your coffee experience with EQEY's versatile Coffee Canister Set. Not only do our airtight canisters keep your coffee fresh, but their ergonomic design also fits neatly in your coffee station. Paired with our handy scoop, measuring your morning coffee is a breeze. Plus, our unique shelving unit comes equipped with a filter holder - a novel EQEY feature that keeps filters close for smooth, fuss-free brewing. This all-in-one solution simplifies your daily routine and complements your coffee station beautifully. EQEY - providing comprehensive convenience for coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee Filter HolderCoffee Filter Holder

The Pioneering Filter Paper Holder: Redefining Brewing Convenience

Discover convenience like never before with our integrated coffee filter holder, a groundbreaking innovation from EQEY. Strategically positioned for seamless brewing, the holder keeps filters within reach, simplifying your coffee preparation process. Experience the ease of brewing that others are yet to offer. Make every brewing moment an effortless delight with EQEY.

Glass Coffee Storage JarGlass Coffee Storage Jar

Optimized Capacity for Your Everyday Essentials

Our EQEY coffee canisters set are expertly designed with generous space to accommodate up to 40 fluid-oz or 1.25 quart of your favorite coffee beans, ground coffee, sugar, or other essential items. Maximize your kitchen organization and efficiency with EQEY - providing ample storage without compromising style or quality.

Sealing RingSealing Ring

Iron Locking ClampIron Locking Clamp

Borosilicate GlassBorosilicate Glass

Extra-thick Sealing Ring for Optimal Freshness

The heart of our coffee canister lies in its extra-thick sealing ring. This unique feature ensures your coffee - whether whole bean or ground - remains dry and pest-free, preserving its fresh flavor. It's an essential part of your coffee bar accessories, giving you peace of mind knowing that your coffee storage is secure.

Enhanced Locking Clamp for Superior Seal

With an enhanced locking clamp, our coffee container adds another layer of airtight security to your coffee storage. This design not only improves the airtight seal but also provides a refined tactile experience. It's a coffee holder that makes no compromise on style, function, or quality.

Borosilicate Glass Interior for Durability and Heat Resistance

The inner wall of our coffee storage airtight canister is made from thick, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. This high-quality material offers superior durability and resistance to temperature changes, making our coffee jar a reliable choice for storing coffee beans or ground coffee. With our coffee storage container, you can ensure your coffee's quality is well-preserved.

Cofee Glass Jar SetCofee Glass Jar Set

Awaken Your Day with Easy Access and Use - Coffee Container Set

Start your day effortlessly with coffee glass jar set. Our coffee canisters set are designed for convenience, providing easy access to your morning essentials. Whether it's coffee beans or ground coffee, our canisters make your daily brewing process a delight. Awaken your day with simplicity and style.

Glass Storage JarsGlass Storage Jars

Preserving the Coffee Journey: Elevate Your Brew with Our Glass Storage Jars

Immerse yourself in the journey from bean to brew with our glass storage jar. As you savor the rich aroma and taste of your coffee, our canister preserves the essence of your favorite beans or grounds. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, it ensures optimal freshness while adding an elegant touch to your kitchen. Experience the true pleasure of coffee brewing, as you witness the transformation of each bean into a delightful cup of satisfaction.

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